Bridgton Academy Laundry Services

There are no laundry facilities on campus or in North Bridgton.

The average student laundry weighs 30 pounds, and may exceed 50 pounds.

We provide three pick-up and delivery plans to service student laundry.

  • All plans include (1) laundry bag to ship your weekly laundry to us and for us to return same to you for the entire school year. $10 bag fee applies.
  • All plans have a two day turnaround except for dry-cleaned items which may take up to 10 days.
  • Inventory sheets will be provided for you to fill out each week with what you are sending in your laundry. Please keep (1) copy.
  • Pick up will be Mondays at 7:00 a.m. in your dorm lobby.  Delivery will be Thursday to the same location. 
  • The schedule will be adjusted to accommodate vacations, etc.
  • All service are for your personal use only.  Any use by another student will result in immediate cancellation without refund.
  • Cancellations require a written request no later than October 15th. You will receive a full refund minus a $60 cancellation fee. Requests after October 15th will receive a refund for second semester only. No refunds will be given after January 2nd.

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Plan 1 - $275 + $10 bag fee

Linens only - to include four (4) sheets, two (2) pillowcases, and eight (8) towels, along with one(1) mesh laundry bag.

Plan 2 - $705 + $10 bag fee

Everything in PLAN 1 plus wash/dry/fold service of personal laundry and linens.

Plan 3 - $970 + $10 bag fee

Everything in PLAN 2 plus unlimited dry-cleaning and dress shirt laundering and finishing.

More Info

Students choosing PLAN 1 or PLAN 2 have the option to establish a dry-cleaning account with a minimum initial non-refundable deposit of $40 to have dry-cleaning and finished articles done on a per item basis


Initial linen delivery will be the day you arrive at school. 10% DISCOUNT IF PAYMENT IN FULL IS RECEIVED BY JULY 31ST.

Whether you choose Squeaky Clean laundry or not, all student clothing should be marked, and the student should understand the washing instructions.

We hope we can be of service to you and we wish you a very successful year at Bridgton Academy.

David P. Diller III and Squeaky Clean